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A chronicle of gastronomic adventures by G.A. Benton

Apr 6

Park It in the Garage, or, More Fun in Louisville

Garage Bar is like a playground for adults, where booze and great food fuel the good times—we popped in for this brunch:

A Bloody Mary (damn spicy) or three garnished with monster-sized chilled Gulf shrimp helped me ease my unsteady way into a rocky morning after a particularly wild Louisville night 

Poached Eggs & Country Ham with Weisenberger grits and red-eye gravy was a revelation and a red-eyed, day after—curing miracle; the salty country ham around these parts is a must!

The Monte Cristo pizza fashioned with house-cured prosciutto, gouda, sorghum and runny local eggs on a blistered, chewy and thin handmade pizza crust is everything salty, sweet, rich, cheesy and starchy a morning penitent needs.

Unless you’ve also got Shuckman’s smoked salmon with cream cheese and a much-too-rare homemade bialy (with a crater studded with capers and so forth) that I’d eat every morning if I could

But what’s an indulgent brunch without a gloriously gratuitous dessert course? This Belgian Waffle with pecans and (of course!) ridiculously good “bacon marmalade” was our lily-gilder.

Click for more photos of Garage Bar at night

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