Under the Table

A chronicle of gastronomic adventures by G.A. Benton

May 11

Curious about Curio? You should Be!

Last night after the ToDO bash, I accompanied some friends to Curio, the new bar owned by and attached to… 

   Harvest Pizzeria. Check out the cool, low lighting—it and the overall vibe reminded me of modern, noveau speakeasy-type clubs I’ve enjoyed in NYC and DC (i.e. the kind of no-sign, uber-fancy cocktail joints where you have to “know” something or someone and still might have to wait in a nearby dive until some guy— often a dubious English dude even more dubiously claiming to be named, like, Nigel—calls your cell with permission to enter).

These Magrittean chapeaux provoked some knowing smiles

This kind of wacky animal head thing (a la Freeman’s in NYC) is also emblematic of the genre…

…as are the kind of “artisanal/specialized/form-fitting” ice cubes seen in the above intriguing Curio cocktails (the green curiosity is a most unusual margarita made with—prepare to gasp—kale and ginger; its partner, a summery Italian-style refresher called the Silver Dollar Pony, reminds me a lot of something I drank in Venice).