Under the Table

A chronicle of gastronomic adventures by G.A. Benton

Jul 27

Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza

No, this is not a pizza from Harvest, though it might easily pass for one. Actually, this beauty came from a soft-opening tasting at the soon-to-be Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza in lower Worthington. (Head’s up folks: I expect Natalie’s to instantly become an elite pizzeria).

Baked at around 800-1200 degrees in (I believe) the city’s only anthracite coal-burning pizza oven ever (a la some of the oldest and most famous East Coasters, such as NYC’s venerated Lombardi’s), it had a lovely, thin crust that terminated in a puffy, charred edge. In other words, it’s the kinda pizza that gets my juices flowing.

Owned by some of the great people responsible for Columbus’ legendary Aardvark Video (who brought John Waters to town, and where movies were categorized by “Ozu” and “Bertolucci” more so than “action” or “comedy”), Natalie’s will also be a live music club — expect alt-country, blues, jazz and singer-songwriter “Americana.”

Natalie’s is planning to open next weekend, with Ricky Barnes (former owner of the Explorer’s Club and a terrific musician who used to play semi-regularly at another groundbreaking classic Columbus spot — Stache’s) and his band “The Chickens” will help kick things off on Saturday night (i.e. August 4th).

I’m guessing you can tell I’m pretty excited by this place’s potential.

See you at Natalie’s…and expect to see my review of it in Alive as soon as it works out its opening jitters and settles on its liquors/ wines and beers lists.